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Spring Park Comprehensive Plan

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Comprehensive Plans are intended to define the land use development/redevelopment, transportation, and infrastructure goals of a community as a means of defining a City’s future growth and vision. Comprehensive planning is a broad base problem solving process. The effort involves well-defined steps, which begin with problem and objective identification and progress to proposed solutions and actions. Comprehensive plans include several phases of action to reach the goals of the community. The City of Spring Park was evaluated for their 2040 Comprehensive Plan through a series of these phases.

The first phase is the assembly of the Planning Inventory, which identifies the current social, environmental, and physical facts and trends that define Spring Park. The Inventory provides empirical data from which to build recommendations and strategies for future land use and transportation planning.

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 Planning Tactics is the second phase of the comprehensive planning process, which includes interviews with City Council, City Staff, the Comprehensive Plan Committee, and land owners. Through the Tactics, community planning goals are identified and solidified. The result of the interviews is identification of key issues which help inform the Policy Plan, the third phase.

 The Policy Plan is shaped by the extensive Inventory of Spring Park and the intensive Tactics interviews outlined above. The Policy Plan is based upon the community planning goals identified in through the Tactics.

Phase Four involves the formulation of the Development Framework, or “Plans, Projects, and Programs.” In this section, specific plan recommendations for land use, natural resources, transportation, infrastructure, and housing are identified.

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These plans and recommendations give attention on a City-wide scale. The fifth and final stage is Implementation. The Land Planning Act requires each community’s development plans and regulations to be consistent with the Comprehensive Plan. In this regard, the fifth phase involves an analysis of the City’s implementation tools such as development regulations, capital improvement plans (CIPs), and housing programs to ensure that they will effectively serve to implement the Comprehensive Plan’s goals.

 Throughout the Comprehensive Planning process, each phase was presented and reviewed by the Spring Park Comprehensive Plan Committee. Following the input and discussions, the plan was revised and formally adopted.