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Annandale Downtown Plan

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NAC’s client community of Annandale, MN has looked into redeveloping and updating the appearance of it’s downtown district. Streetscape elements of urban design that were studied included sidewalk treatments, benches, trash receptacles, lighting, planters, landscaping, bike racks, awning concepts, sidewalk seating, and sidewalk shopping. Community members of Annandale were presented with several concept options for these streetscape elements and voted for their top choices in each category.

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Downtown Annandale is a key community asset, and has been recognized as a district for improvement, while maintaining a coordinated effort for preservation.

Goals and Policies for the Downtown Plan:

  • Ensure proper public investment in necessary infrastructure

  • Improve business environment through visual appearance, review of regulations, and provision of needed services

  • Maintain areas of strength, improve areas of weakness

  • Strengthen existing businesses and attract new businesses that fit

  • Improve parking, visibility and accessibility

  • Coordinate public and private efforts to maximize efficiency

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