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Supporting communities through planning practice since 1973.

Northwest Associated Consultants, Inc. (NAC) is a planning consulting firm based out of the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area, providing community planning services to local governments in Minnesota and throughout the Upper Midwest. Our clients are almost exclusively public entities, including townships, cities, counties and other municipalities.

NAC’s strength comes from its longevity as an organization and the experience of its employees. We have been the daily point of contact for some of our client communities for decades, and have significant experience with all manner of long-term planning projects as well.




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Areas of Practice

Community Planning

Community planning engages municipalities and residents to help shape and manage their environments. Through sound planning, communities can become empowered by ensuring better decision making results, compliance with legislation, democratic credibility and sense of community.

economic development

Economic Development and Redevelopment goes beyond land use patterns and zoning.  Municipalities must recognize the various economic impacts of their land use and development decisions.  Proper economic planning can lead to expanded housing opportunities, larger local retail markets, greater employment opportunities, and expanded local tax base.  Development done in a manner insensitive to local economic parameters can result in premature development, over investment in utility infrastructure, loss of market share, increased administrative expenses and cash poor projects.  NAC recognizes the importance of economic planning and development in preserving the financial integrity and viability of a community.  Through its combined consulting team members, Northwest Associated Consultants has extensive experience in each phase of economic development.

Site planning and Design

Proper site planning and design can influence the financial viability of a subdivision or site development.  Location, access and parking are critical elements in any commercial development.  In this regard, proper site design must give attention to street and pedestrian access, building orientation, and the provision of adequate parking and loading facilities to secure a functionally viable development. 

Gis/geospatial mapping

Geospatial Mapping has become an integral part of many communities’ planning practices. From long-range forecast maps found in Comprehensive Plans, to small-scale property maps illustrating setbacks and buildable areas. NAC’s GIS Technicians can help you to find the right type of map to fit your particular use case.

Day to Day Planning Services

NAC staff members serve several communities of various sizes around the Twin Cities metropolitan area and help these municipalities, townships or counties with their day to day planning issues.

Comprehensive planning

NAC staff members assist with constructing comprehensive plans for municipalities, townships, or counties and provide updates to the plans when needed.




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